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Talk Extreme User Agreement.

This is a legally binding agreement between you the user and (us, we, our,) website, services, products, displayed or posted contents, channels provided or founded or featured by us. By using any of these services including visit, registration, posting, sharing, you agree to our terms of service, however, if you do not agree to any of our terms of use, please do not make any use of this services.

Talk Extreme is not responsible for any user's posted contents, replies, shares and displayed contents. This includes topics, thread, responses, links, shares, images and videos. A user's posted contents are made by the publisher, author and are/remain their views and not us/we/our.

Contents on this forum website are for informative purposes, interactive purposes, queries, socialization, networking and educational purposes or other similar interests/purpose. If your content do not meet any of this and it is reported it may be taken down by a community leader.

As a community member, or user, you agree not to abuse another member or user, you agree to not to mistreat any user.

Talk Extreme interactive forum uses "TalkExtreme Staffs, TalkExtreme Support, TalkExtreme Admin" to describe community leaders or moderators, most of the staffs are volunteers who willingly volunteered to help in moderating this forum while others are contracted or employed. Their views, opinions, posts or replies are their self views and does not necessarily mean they reflect the views of/are endorsed by TalkExtreme. Please refer to our Contact Us channel if you will wish to request, report any activity. To be a Volunteer, mail [email protected]

As a user or guest, you understand we do not own posts or replies, we do not moderate any posts, posts are automatically displayed when submitted, you can however report or flag any post that you feel have violated our terms of use.

Forum users are not to post any hate speech, make use of abusive words, spam, or unlawful defamatory. Users are not allowed to post any adults content or contents that may seem to be explicit. A user is also not allowed to threaten another user, or post any link to a page, website or contents in the form of a photograph or video that violates any of our terms.

TalkExtreme may revise, moderate, adjust any of this terms of use to suit its services and continues operations.

In violations of any of our terms and conditions, We hold the rights to remove or delete any content that violates our terms of use, in other to protect our users' experience.

By using or visiting any of services, websites, Apps, you agree not to hold us responsible for any loose you may have experienced through a service displayed on the platform. That includes ads displayed by ads network, paid promotions among others.

We legally hold the rights to delete spammy accounts, accounts that may violate our terms of use, that are inactive for more than 2years. Or reclaim usernames of an inactive or deleted account for another user. By registering on this website, you agree to register with your verified email address.

You are granting us the license to use any of your published content, replies, to re-use, re-publish, or use it for commercial purposes.

You as a user agree not to infringe the copyright of another organization, company, or other bodies/persons or use a copyrighted property on this forum without their approval. The best way to avoid a copyright violation is to reference the source of your content, quote your source or include them in your content/post, give the author or publisher the credit to the content. Even so if you do not have permission to use that content or property you may receive a copyright notification.

PREMIUM VIP Membership Access.

Membership Premium membership is for VIP users only which allows them to join Premium Discussions group, chat with other premium users. Premium access allow you to post uncountable on Trending Products and Networks. It allows you to promote your business, products or brands unlimited without getting any removal.

Premium account fees are a one time fees and nonrefundable. Please contact usI for more info.


Topics raised here are mostly not by community leaders or staffs, the replies you get to your questions or topics are coming from other registered users or members of the forum. An answer to your question may not be hundred percent accurate. We are not responsible for any information, posts, or products that may be posted, shared or displayed on the website or App. For DMCA remover request, or other infringed copyright issues and removal, please mail [email protected], with the link to the post and it will be taken down immediately.

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TalkExtreme Website and App is not associated with any other website aside from properties owned by its parental company JF Jerryfrankson Enterprises which includes www.jerryfrankson.com, among other applications developed by Jerryfrankson or JF Jerryfrankson Enterprises.

(DMCA) Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

TalkExtreme hold the rights to publicize, redistribute, delete any content, communication as regards to DMCA takedown requests. We do not own posts that are published by forum users but can take it down regarding a DMCA request.

As a forum that frown at copyright infringements, we will act fast in resolving, taking down a copyrighted content as requested. For DMCA takedown requests, copyright infringements, and intellectual property rights please mail [email protected]