Adsterra Review: The Best Monetization Ads network for new and small bloggers.


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Jul 17, 2020
Adsterra Ads Network and it's monetization review: This ads networks is the best ads network for new and small bloggers with low traffic.

Adsterra is one of the best and most transparent ads network. If you're a new blogger and you're looking for a way to monetize your content then you should try Adsterra.

Why Adsterra is the best ads network for small publishers.

This ad network offers different types of ads formats which includes banners ads the types of formats you see on Google Adsense, side banners, web push which sends ads notifications to your website visitors, vast, social bar, direct link and most importantly Native Banner which can contain up to four different categories, and you can customize its look and modify how it should appear on your website without interfering with your contents.

Adsterra offers a Self serving ads settings which you can customize to exclude certain types of contents and the type ads not to display on your website and scare your away. (however it is not always that perfect).

Adsterra network like others do not have a fixed CPM or CPC, but we have seen an Adsterra CPM of $0.02 and above.

Their Banner ads show Games Ads mostly, and sometimes Forex, or other kinds of trading ads. However, Their other formats shows different types of ads. Adsterra do not offer contextual ads or intext articles and their ads do not match contents.

Adsterra Website Requirements.
Adsterra ads network do not have any special requirements, all you need is a website that is Live online and very accessible. Your website is approved instantly for monetization. To monetize your content with this network.


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