Everything you need to know about Big Brethren Ghana, An attempt of Big Brother Naija.


Jul 18, 2020
Just when the whole world thought they have seen it all in 2020, Boom, Ghana has released its own Big Brother Naija titled Big Brethren Ghana.

Big Brethren Ghana is a mini attempted rip off the Nigerian reality show Big Brother Naija - Africa's most watched show. BBG show does not appear to have much background information about itself and sponsors but this is what we have gathered so far.

Big Brethren Ghana BBG is a Ghanaian show, live streaming in Accra on Instagram Live, Facebook Live and YouTube. According to an earlier arrangement Ghana's most popular television channel Joy Prime and also EBN TV channel was supposed to be covering the live events, however they probably pulled out after it discovered its a low budget version of Big Brother Naija. So presently there's no TV station live streaming this Ghanaian reality show.

Big Brethren Ghana reality TV show was launched on the 28th of August, 2020. However it has only drawn an attention to even Ghanaians on social media yesterday after Ghanaian's award winning actress Lydia forson tweeted about the show yesterday asking who else is watching. Although things got worse today as images about the settings began to circulate.
Big Brethren Ghana Settings - You can't come across the TV show without talking about the setting of the show, according to the images circulating on social media platforms some people are asking if part of the show is also aired in a cell or a secondary school dormitory because of the small sizes room and students' mattress provided for the housemates season 1.

Well that's not all, based on our findings and according to live streamed videos, there was no audio gadgets in the rooms so they themed the show "Def Moments" where housemates will need to act and pretend to be Def for the audience.

What will the winner of Big Brethren Ghana take home? The amount and the item which the winner will go home with is the sum of $10,000 US Dollars and an iPhone. Wow! "Opened Mouth " as we were about to round up the year with all we have witnessed so far.

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