How to create an App for free using AppyPie.


Jul 18, 2020
In this article we are going to teach you how to create your own mobile application for free without code or developing anything, and you'll be provided with an A.P.K to upload on your Google Playstore Developer Account.

That's right, there are few website engines out there that have every concept of most applications but with limited options. However, if you want more options for your app you'll need to upgrade your account or contact the company for more features.

We will be using AppyPie - a free App Builder and Application Creator with no code. (There are others but AppyPie is much easier). With AppyPie, you're given an option to convert a running website into an Application and Vice versa, however this deep features are on a paid subscription. So let's begin for the free version of AppyPie.

1. Visit the website maker.
2. Click on create your free App.
3. Put your business name in the space provided, your business name should be the Application name or your enterprise name (you are allowed to change your business name later.)
4. Choose the category that best fits your business, website or application and then proceed.
5. You'll be shown varieties of colors between "light" and "dark" themes, choose anyone you like and proceed.

If you do not have any account with AppyPie before you'll be asked to create one in other to test your android application, but if you already have an account with them and you're logged you then you'll proceed to the next step.

6. The next step allows you to customize your app with the options to change your fonts and colors, background and app layout.
Make sure you also customize your app elements by choosing any of the slides on how you want your app to look like then "Save and Continue"

7. Now Test your app on your device to experience your settings and your customizations, make adjustments.
To test your app, you'll be redirected to Google Playstore to download test lab, after you're done with the testing, return to the website.

8. Click on Menu at the top right, visit "My Apps and websites". Then click on "manage mobile application" to see how you can Make changes and convert your app or website to app.

However, note that this free app builders have limited access and options for your project concept, so if you're building a huge project I'd advise contact us on the contact page at the bottom to develop your app concept and deliver in small space. (Most especially business apps, blog websites, and shopping website).